About Doohos


Whether you’re displaying product advertisements, brand videos and animation, food menus, real estate sales or live content like news, weather, and stocks, a Doohos digital signage system will communicate your message and enhance the retail experience.

The Doohos system works with single-screen displays, multi-screen networks, interactive applications or touch screen kiosk systems.  A digital signage system built by us puts you in control with a custom built solution with all the features you need. This is a new and exciting media that puts you in control of your advertising space at the touch of a button from your PC, tablet or smart phone via our cloud based simple user interface.

When you purchase a Doohos solution you will not only receive the display hardware and digital signage system, but marketing ideas we have from experience that can help develop a strategy for your solutions. once your Doohos system is installed and running we are always avaialble to help with marketing ideas and content, making sure your return on investment is instant.

We design our digital signage systems so you can get started right away - whether it is wireless or networked, we will make it as quick and easy as possible for you to update and manage your digital signage system.

Where does it work best?
The markets that digital signage can be applied to are limitless. This product is especially effective in places with a lot of foot traffic, where there is contact with potential customers or retailers. In recent years, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) has become the buzz word of the advertising industry. With consumers spending more and more time out of their homes. Digital advertising displays have begun to appear in almost every environment; from shopping centres and doctor’s surgeries, to train stations, clubs, bars and resturants.


  • Time scheduling
  • Strong and secure system
  • Easily scalable system from 1 to many displays
  • Web management back end system
  • Ability to work offline & instantly connect online by demand
  • Unlimited channels and playlists
  • Support for broad Multimedia formats
  • Loop playlists of segments (Ads) for display in a timeline
  • Schedule playlists for specific time slots.
  • Manage the deployment of digital signage content
  • Remote support and troubleshooting
  • Multi-user and multi-level management.


  • Advertising
  • Menu Boards
  • Real Estate Windows
  • Times/Clocks
  • Weather
  • Calendar/Dates
  • Live Web Cam
  • Image Slide-Shows
  • Streaming Video
  • Audio Streams
  • Directional signage